Friday, August 27, 2010

*GIVE-AWAY* Arcade fire – the suburbs –

Why thank you Universal for giving Quirk the new Arcade Fire 'The suburbs' album to give-away. Yup folks, give-away. That means FREE!

If you guys haven't heard the album then you haven't lived. Being an art director i've never been very good with words, so here's a snippet from Pitchfork:

'There's a tension between the uneasily resolving chords and lightfooted piano shuffle on the title track, as Butler sings in a restrained falsetto: "Sometimes I can't believe it/ I'm moving past the feeling." As The Suburbs plays out, that "feeling" is one that lived on Funeral and is dying here. The initial fantasy of Funeral was escaping the neighborhood, dancing beneath the police lights, and living on misbehavior. The Suburbs can be seen as the update decades later, with those same kids having kids of their own, and moving back to and struggling in the same neighborhoods.'
I've been listening to it for a week now and i am OBSESSED. The album takes you through a journey and truly has made my drive to work and back so much more comfortable. Neon Bible was awesome but this seems so much more layered, deeper, more symphonic if there is such a thing?

I also stumbled upon an article on Rolling Stone which I found quite incredible:
"Butler also revealed that after the album's 16 songs were recorded and mixed, "We actually cut each song to a 12-inch [vinyl disk], then used that for the final digital master. For every song on the record, there is a 12-inch disk that we played back into the computer. It's like a photograph of the vinyl."
I love the artwork, the design is incredible! They apparently do everything all themselves from artwork to recording to poster design. Recording companies have a very small hand in what they do, renegades in a modern world.

To win your copy just comment on the post.
Winner will be announced on the 3rd of Septemeber (that's next week friday kids).

Have a great friday!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

OH my She&Him LOVE! Zooey Deschanel I love you more than life itself.

“I would say all my influences are older, more classic songwriters,” Deschanel elaborates, “from Cole Porter and Gershwin to Carole King and Roy Orbison and Bobbie Gentry. People always expect you to be a fan of what’s happening now, but the things I gravitate toward are older and more worn.”
Not only is she beautiful and a great actress she is now also a musician! Some people have all the talent! I absolutely LOVE their their website! It's gorgeous! She teamed up with Musician Matt Ward and after Reading this it sounds like they make a smashing pair:

'Zooey Deschanel and Matt Ward are as comfortable and complementary a musical pair as Les Paul and Mary Ford; hearing them again on Volume Two feels like getting together with two old friends. This time, the harmonies have grown more angelically layered, the string arrangements more dramatic, the songwriting even sharper and more confident. But, as with Volume One, the prevailing mood is bittersweet, dreamy, and romantic.'
Look at these beautiful collages. I'm in love, and I am more than happy to have a new obsession.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've just finished season 1&2 of Breaking bad! It's my best! What makes life even MORE exciting is the fact that I have just obtained season 3! I cannot wait to cuddle up to Rick and let the drama unfold! I found this illustration of 'Heisenburg', what a bad ass. I LOVE BREAKING BAD! Adam Sidwell is the illustrator, check out all his other 'bad-ass' designs.

Here's another one of his illustrations, Dexter. Hmmm.
Heisenburg VS Dexter.
Now that's a good debate. I wonder what my friend Lolly would have to say?

daniela uhlig incredible illustrator!

No words will ever do her justice. Her work is incredible, as you can see and she hails from Berlin. She does freelance but from what I understand works at a big company doing illustration. With her talent i'd go solo, the world is her oyster! See more of her work here.

Sandy's famous roses

This is a job Cam and I did for MTN cycling, it's a 5 second sting and is a call to entry for the OFM taking place in Bloem. We did a whole bunch for other races which I will upload at some point, this one however I've posted on purpose. This is because the roses in the bottom right in the shot (my amazing art direction skills - bloem - city of roses, how clever), where given to Ricki's mom Sandy. These famous roses now preside at the Allemann residence, call in advance for viewings :)

I have found the most beautiful quilt in the world!!

'This piece was begun several years before it was finished. It is entirely hand pieced,
hand embellished and quilted. The centerpiece is made from furrowed hand dyed
silk stitched down with glass beads and perle cotton.

An intensely feminine and voluptuous piece. Everything is curved, including the edge. The colouring is soft and pastel - the center is fluttery and frilly, reminiscent of the image Edouard Manet painted of Suzon at the bar at Folies Bergère in Paris.'

I love this painting! It's my most favourite ever!

When I was working in London at Somerset House this painting was housed at the Courtauld Institute Gallery, which was part of the trust. Therefore I got to go see it whenever I wanted (and for free, wink wink). I have very fond memories of this painting and find the story behind it fascinating. I actually think I identify with Suzon. Read more about her here, it's totally worth it!

The price you ask? $2,250.00, I suppose it's fair considering it was Hand done (painstakingly I'm sure), embellished with glass beads, and quilted to form a fractal! Have lots of cash?

Get it here!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If you can't get to NY, make NY come to you!

'Series of pop-up books inspired by New York City icons:
the Big Apple, the Chrysler Building, yellow cab, and the Statue of Liberty.
Each spread visualizes respective icons from the top view while it also represents urban landscape from the side.'

I am OBSESSED with pop-ups! I think these are the
coolest one's i've ever seen! Especially on closer
inspection you see that the apple is made
up of teeny tiny buildings!

Pretty stripes!

Ivana your pretty stripes inspired me!
The pic bottom right is a friend of mine on a
day out at the park. My friend Nick took it and I think
it's so cute! It's kinda what I wish I was doing right now!
Check out Lauren Moffat, her stuff is really really pretty (stripey too)

Monday, August 23, 2010

ThePerfectPour...the perfect poster

FOUND here
Not too sure who
designed it but I shall
make it my mission to find out.
Totally wanna print this out big and
hang it in my kitchen at home. Beautiful.XXX
(P.S click on it to make it bigger and open it up in a new tab)

Every creative should get this!

Look what I found!

Straight from Poppytalks mouth!!!
"I'm excited today to be the starting host on the Blog Tour for the launch of Creative Inc., the follow up to best selling Craft Inc. by Meg Mateo Ilasco. For Creative Inc. Meg teamed up with Joy Cho (of Oh Joy) where they wrote a very informative book that will no doubt be a must have for freelancers everywhere. Creative Inc. provides all the tools freelancers need to get their business off the ground and make it a success."
I cannot wait to order this! I love Oh JOY!!!
Get it here. I'm eagerly awaiting the 25th (payday)!

They even did a mini stop animation, too cool! I tried to get it from youtube so I could put it up here but i think they've put a stop to that. OH well :( I don't steal, I just share :)
Check it out here, so worth it!

Where I feel lilke being today

During my morning stumble I came across France is not just Paris. BEAUTIFUL!
I've been to Château de Chambord (shahn-bor) and it was incredible, I spent 2 weeks in the Loire Valley during my gap year stint with 3 very good friends of mine. We stayed in Amboise in a tiny little town and drank lots of wine, ate incredible cheese teamed with fresh french bread. How I wish I was doing that today.

I however never got to see the rolling stones logo etched into the landscape? Whats that about? Here's what I found:

The famous and world-wide known Chateau de Chambord in France has got a huge Rolling stones Lip-and-tongue logo on its gardens. It is an artwork made especially for this weekend by french artists, and it is entitled "The Rolling Stones concert will not take place".

Thats all I could find, wish I could find more info on it.


The most beautiful paper cuts.

I am OBSESSED with paper cuts, not by lazer (well that too), but I have such respect for people that make these beautiful pieces of art by hand. Many many hours go into making these and you have to have such a steady hand and a crap load of talent. Always on the look-out for new up and coming artists I came across thetimeisnow on Etsy! Her paper-cuts are so beautiful!

This one is my favourite!
High fashion papercut
"This is an original papercut made by me, inspired by fashion illustrations. The model is wearing a high fashion dress, and her porcelain face is delicately drawn with color accents on her lips, cheeks and nose before I began meticulously and lovingly cut out her image from the paper. The papercut is incredibly detailed and I'm afraid my camera skills did not capture all the beauty of it. "

The Deer and Fox papercut
"For the Stag loved the Fox, even when she chased him."

Nautical Adventure paper-cut original

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not Martha... I do love you.

Hey everyone,

So I know i've been quiet but i've been so super sick, hospital on friday and a hardcore case of Bronchitis, not fun!

But enough of that, and a little bit of this!

I found this great site called Not Martha! EEEEk it's great!
Here's a bit about the creator!

My name is Megan, I live in Seattle, WA with Scott and a clover plant. Which I might have killed last week. I post pages here on how to make things, and keep some photos here at Flickr and you can even find me on Twitter.

But what really caught my eye are these bloody fantastic ginger bread house biscuits.
Marvel. Enjoy. Make. In fact, I dare you to try her recipe (get it HERE).
I'm going to give it a try at some point, if you do, please send pics.
How rad.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Manga farming!!

I found this today and thought it was so beautiful, pretty plants in books.
Hmmm, finally something to do with those old copies of Mills & Boon, hahaha (only joking).

Tokyo-based artist Koshi Kawachi recently demonstrated his "Manga Farming" technique -- which uses old manga as a growing medium for vegetables -- by cultivating a crop of radish sprouts in an installation at the Matsuzakaya department store in Nagoya.
Check more out here.

Vuzu womens day ad

I recently did this mini TV ad for Vuzu for womens day, I'm actually quite proud of it. We managed to crack it out in a day. Big thanks goes to Nox the copywriter, the man of many words and my CD bush.

And here's the logo

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

EEEEK peach pizza I want in my face!

This post is dedicated to my lovely boyfriend Ricki, not only as a love ode but maybe also as a little hint (evil!evil!)

I found this recipe on Poppytalk on how to make an AMAZING pizza topped with peach and basil!! YUMYUMYUM! It's originally from a fab blog called Everbody likes Sandwiches! I think I may be an INSTANT fan! Jeannette Ordas dishes out yummy and innovative recipes and claims to be 'an uncomplicated journal about food... not just sandwiches.'


So here's the secret to the world of delicious:

Peach, Basil & Escarole Pizza
your favorite pizza dough (homemade or fresh from a bakery/market)
2 T cornmeal
2 T olive oil
1/4-1/2 head of escarole, torn to bits
1 large handful of basil, torn to bits
2 peaches, cut into slices
flaky salt & freshly ground pepper
1/2 c mozzarella, cut into small chunks

Preheat oven to 425F. After your pizza dough has risen, use 1 tablespoon of olive oil to grease up a walled cookie sheet. I use my hands for this. Sprinkle sheet with cornmeal and then push out or roll out your pizza dough until it spreads to all 4 corners.

Evenly scatter escarole, basil and peaches over the top of the dough. Sprinkle with salt and a few good hefty grinds of black pepper. Add mozzarella over top and gently spill the remaining olive oil over top. Place in oven and heat for about 15-20 minutes or until the cheese gets bubbly and the crust becomes golden. Slice and eat hot.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet Kimchi!

How cute? Meet Tammy's little Kimchi girl (said in puppy voice).
AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!This cute little one has made my Tuesday, yay for bringing puppy's to work!!!

Pretty African princess

The pop'Africana Blog is one of my daily reads. I just love this photo of Oroma Elwa taken by Loius Mendes, in her own words "You can find this gentleman on the street talking photos and making the ladies smile." Who is she you ask?

'The Pop'Africana blog serves as both a continuation of Pop'Africana magazine and my diary as an editorial director.'

Her blog is so refreshing, clean and simple and shows her travels around Africa and the world. The way she views the world is so different from anything I've encountered, not only is she beautiful, she's wise, not only is she wise, she's full of soul.

EEEEK, this made my monday!

Short stop animation film that took my breath away! So that's where all my lost things go! I want to go too! *sigh*

Check it out here on youtube for all it's creds!
Written & Directed by - Angela Kohler and Ithyle Griffiths.
Check out their pages too, I wanna be them! Their blog is SUPER DUPER cool!

Just lovely.

Pretty August desktop

I found this great desktop illustration for the month of August!
Thank you Natalie! It made me very happy!
Get it here if you fancy it too!

Hello Lauren-bum Schultz

OK, so I totally just stole this image from Lolli's blog. Purely because she looks so goddam-cute. I really do think this moose-tache suits her. AHhhhhhhh cute! Go and have a look at some photies on how how Say's Who's exhibition went!I could practically pee in my pants waiting for my beautiful line drawing to finally be in my grubby paws!