Thursday, November 5, 2009

An awesome ethos... i think

Hi everyone, i found this whilst stumbling one day and just love it so much.
It's written by uxus design and this is their ethos:

Artistic solutions for commercial needs.

UXUS fuses art and design creating new brand experiences that are strategic and quantifiable.

We fuse rational design solutions with artistic sensibilities, striking a perfect balance between emotional connection and tangible results.

We like to think of our work as “brand poetry”, or an artistic solution for commercial needs. Artistic solutions target emotions; emotions connect people in a meaningful way. Emotive experiences attract more people to them, and engage them longer.

Design gives function, art gives meaning, poetry expresses the essence.

Nosi love

kiwi - pulp logo


We never ended up using these logo's but i really love them. They work so well together. I love interchanging logo's.


Our final logo build for our 'play play' agency during campaigns. Kat took the photo's and Chris edited. High 5 guys. I really like it. Super clean but simple. The whole concept was that we were the pulp in your creative juices.

Thanks to Kat and Chris <3

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sparkles plays with sparkles <3

The mighty Boosh - 4 way crimp

Done for my good friend Lolly for her creative development project. The illustration was done along side the text she gave me--from the mighty boosh.
Mighty weird.... but mighty cool.

The Mighty Boosh-Four Way Crimp


crimpity crimpity now now.
crimpity crimpity ask me how.
crimpity crimpity humble pie.
crimpity crimpity.
boing ding boing boing ting;
crimpity crimpity ping pong.

sugarman -
lightsource -
why did you come to me
put me in a coma?
woke up in the future,
robot man can you help me find my way,
I cant understand the things you say.

Tube mouse I love you so,
I took you from the underground
and brought you home.
Put you in my jacket pocket
and took you to the meeting.
Put you in my jacket pocket
and took you to the meeting.

Put you in my jacket pocket.
Put you in my jacket pocket.
Put you in my jacket.
Put you in my jacket.

Jean Claude Jaquetie,
with his jacket on.
Jean Claude Jaquetie,
wth his jacket off.
Jacket on,
Jacket off,
Jacket on,
Jacket off.

Ooh, ooh, ooh;
I did a twisty.
Ooh, ooh, ooh;
A tiny twisty.

Crimpity Crimpity now now.
Crimpity Crimpity ask me how.
Crimpity Crimpity you will pay.
Crimpity Crimpity outta my way.
Boing ding, boing boing ting..
Crimpity Crimpity, FUCK YOU!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Bjork Love

Decided to put some of my doodles up.
I love drawing in pen, i love the spontaneity.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

illustration for CI

LOREAL -Excell 10 - Go out in style

I'd like to credit my copywriter, Stuart Sims and my awesome photographer Kat!
The brief was "Speed", the product we chose was L'OREAL Excell 10, hair dye that dyes your hair in 10minutes.

Our concept, even though pretty risky, was 'Go out in style'.

one small seed mock article

The Foals photographs

The foals website

Neslon Mandela Childrens Hospital - finalist!

FNB illustration - RABBOT

Keleketla - direct mailer

Polar Bear alternative - I-SCREAMS and stickers