Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hayley gets some Nicefinds for under R300 bucks!

So my dear dear friend Hayley will be moving out soon folks, yup... she's leaving the nest for a little apartment of her own! She needs to buy a bed and fridge, pretty much the whole bang shoot so doesn't have too much budget for much else! She generally likes shiny new things purely because she says she gets overwhelmed in crammed charity shops with 'old stuff' with 'smelly cats', however, she does have a keen eye for awesome design but sometimes needs a bit of a push. 

So like a good friend should I told her to bring R300 and we would hit the Second hand stores and charity shops together! I seem to have an eye for potential and totally believe in buying second hand! I really do try not to buy new things that I KNOW i'll find second hand! Second hand for me is purchasing an object with a history.... a story. It also allows you to re-create something, an old lamp with new fabric can be more lovely than you imagine! Upcycle! DIY! It's so much more gratifying!

I can't believe all the amazing finds she managed to nab! She actually ended up finding the majority of the items, and all I had to do was give her the nod of approval! I am GREEN with envy and wish everything was mine! She got all of the below and I think the total came up to about R240 so she even had some cash to spare! It shows you that you don't need truck loads of money to buy incredible things, one persons junk is another persons treasure!

My favourite item which Hayley discovered (you cow!) is the Potato Chips bowl! On closer inspection we opened it up and discovered smaller bowls with quirky wonky typography, sweets, snacks and nuts! Darn! Fastest find wins! Hayley 1 indi 0! My second favourite is the retro Fondue set with mismatched forks! I found it at the door and shoved it into Hayley semi loving arms, YOU HAVE TH BUY THIS is what I think I said? R85 later it was hers and she has promised me that when she wants a shiny new version, this baby is mine! Hayley 1 Indi 1 = win win!

We also planted some Rock Roses into her gorgeous green vessel (much like the colour of my envy)! I'll be planting and giving some of these away at Capitec Swapping Mall this weekend! You want? Then come along!

Bet you're wondering if bought any thing? I just couldn't help myself! Check this beauty out! My little collection is growing! I love this design and find little cups of all sizes with the beautiful sandblasted grape pattern! L<3ve!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Lost&Found viewing party!

If you haven't heard of Lost&Found and live in Jozi then SHAME on you! Well lucky you found your way here because they have a viewing party this weekend! I seem to always miss them! Viewing parties are the best, you get to try on the clothes before the fight online starts! I got so excited and then realized i'm going to be at the Capitec Swapping Mall doing workshops! My eye's are still going to be peeled for the new range to be posted online!

But then I got thinking, what a great day out for all of you! Come to Atlas Studio for the big Swap  and LiveFree for an hour or two, and then mosey on down to to  Market on Main in the Maboneng Precinct, and then at 2PM sharp make sure you're at 12 Decades Hotel! Owner/brainchild of Lost&found Amy say's it better than I could...
"With Bidding to start the next day, the Lost & Found viewing party gives you and your friends the chance to come check out and try on all the new items in the Lost & Found Range and spend a lovely Sunday afternoon in the City." 
Here are some of here amazing finds that have found the way into the arms of loving new owners! Or...maybe they're the one's that got away. P.s my close friends know about my 'problem' with vintage blouses, it's bad.

Capitec Blogger drop off, LOVE!

You all know how much i Love Nicefind, but even more than that I like being given Nicefinds! Thank you Capitec for my lovely clip-on earrings! I also gave them a little swap, i've taken pictures but don't want to ruin anyone's surprise just yet!

I cannot wait for The Swapping Mall coming up this weekend! Eeeeek! I'll be doing workshops on Saturday and Sunday on how to upcycle things around the home and a few pieces of jewelery, i'll be posting a list sometime this week! I just love the little story that came attached to my earrings! I have to share!

I've had these since I was a teenager. I don't have any grandchildren to pass them onto and they're too lovely to waste.

I love the concept of Capitecs Swapping Mall and #livefree! Swapping night is something i've been doing for a while with my friends and I think it's so awesome they're giving so many people the opportunity to have this experience!  That hot dress you never wear deserves a good home! Swap any items that you don't want anymore, for new things that you do! Not only does it encourages South Africans to get back to basics and rediscover the things in life that don't cost a lot of money, but something that is fun to do with family and friends, for mahala! Yes pleaase, totally up my alley!

Hope to see all of you there!

Check out more here.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Present Project 2, why thank you Lucky Pony!

So today is the day that I sent off my prezzie for my new found friend thanks to Angie at Lucky Pony!
I won't reveal the surprise just yet incase my friend see's :) But expect a full post on that one coming soon! Here's a bit about my friend, I hope she likes what i've chosen for her! Her name is Bongi and i've included her first message to me, she's so lovely!

Hello Indi, this mail has brought me such joy. I've been sitting at my desk breathing through my mouth the whole day because i've got the flu for the 3rd time this winter so I really needed to hear some good/exciting news.  Thanks for telling me about your blog, i'm sure it'll help a lot with pressie ideas... Sadly I suffer from an illness called procrastination so grand plans for a blog have never been realised but looking at your blog i'm sure i'll love whatever you come up with.

Bongi hails from Jo'burg but lives in Durban! She shops second hand and reckons she has a horrible afro that refuses to be obedient! She loves both bright and pastel colours, despite the fact that she works at Saltwater Girl she's not a water baby - at all! Her idea of hanging at the beach is having drinks in a cute floral romper! She loves second hand stuff and dreams of launching her own clothing label.

I like her! I think i'll keep her, thanks Angie!

More to come!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finally! I Jozi bloggers meet-up, I think this is just what I need to get inspired again. I've been in the midst of re-doing my blog and setting up a co.za and sometimes it just seems so daunting. Thanks to Angie Batis from Lucky Pony and owner of Wolves and fellow bloggers Natasha and Nicki!

Plus, there are AWESOME give-aways!

2 Kodak digital cameras
1 YEAR supply of Pringles (18 cases, which is 108 cans of Pringles people!!)
5 Canderel hampers
5 Snack Factory hampers
1 Month's free coffee at Wolves
1 Free cut, treatment and blow-dry at Hand in Parkhurst
3 GHD bags
1 Pampering hamper from Living & Loving magazine
1 Night for two (including breakfast) at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosebank

You will also all be treated to 30 bottles of Laborie wine
Jees, talk about starting off with a BANG!
Personally I want the below beauty, so tired of lugging around my old ass cannon 350D.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My absence.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, hmmm. However in the bogging world it just may not be so :) I'm so sorry i've been really quiet! Things have been super hectic for me!

There's the long and the short, but rather than biting off too much to chew, i'll stick to the short.

So i have recently left the world of advertising and my super awesome agency Metropolitanrepublic, well its been 2 months to be exact!

In those 2 months I have started my own little online media management company helping small brands build their online social media presence, so running their facebook pages and twitter accounts. It's a learning process and I really am having so much fun, but with that comes the stress of setting up a business, doing estimates, invoicing, design, my own copy (shoowee), stress at home, on the money front, it isn't easy. However this is path I have chosen and damn i'm going to give it my freekin all.

As well as doing that i'm in the process of getting www.nicefind.co.za up and running, you can go and have a look but it is still such a work in process! My true love is upcycling, secondhand, vintage and good old hand me downs! I have my Etsy shop up and running http://www.etsy.com/shop/verynicefind, I must admit I havent put the love into it that it so deserves, but it's all part of my mission. My Facebook page is getting there,  but it needs ALOT more love than it's getting.

Sometimes it feels like I have so much to do and it gets so overwhelming, but I'm starting to make progress! It's diffucult hitting the road and deciding to do it on your own. Everyday I think of turning around and taking the easier, well manicured path... the path that your parents tell you to take, that 9-5 (in advertising 9 till forever!) and that awesome paycheck on the 25th.

But ever feel like you are destined for more? I just felt like I needed to get out of my comfort zone and take that leap of faith.

Well all, this is me leaping... I'll let you all know when I land.

Philippe Halsman's jumpogolgy, Marilyn <3