Friday, July 30, 2010

Serenade your walls.. EEEEEK YAY!

Hi guys,

So I went to Says Who's exhibition last night at Wolves and it rocked! I bought a piece by Lauren Schultz and it is so DAMN gorgeous! It's a beautiful ORIGINAL line ridiculously amazing line drawing of a stag with tiny keys hanging from his antlers. I'm only getting it in a while as it's still up for all to see, but as soon as i do I'll upload a photie of it :) Too beautiful!

So here's something else to get excited about!!!
The 10and5 Poster Project 2010! Here's a brief breakdown!

The 10and5 Poster Project 2010 is the first of our annual initiative of South African designers and artists designing posters guided by one collective theme. This year’s exhibition is called Serenade your Walls, and is a collection of posters designed for 14 local bands.

The project aims to showcase South Africa’s finest local design talent, whilst simultaneously celebrating this country’s lively music scene.

Serenade your Walls features one guest artist from Argentina and 12 local creatives, who will be showing their A1 band posters at the AM I Collective studios in Cape Town on 1st August and Wolves in Johannesburg on 4th August, respectively.

Please join us as we celebrate South Africa’s finest at our exhibition opening with wine, live music and very good design.

Freeekin hell i'm excited! I love Am I Collective!

Not only that, two very good friends of mine, twins Innocent and Justice have done a Van Coke Kartel poster that'll be up. I've had a peek at their work in progress and it looks like it's going to be INSANE ( I muuuuuuuuuuuust have it!)

I've also just realized i've taken next Friday off to prepare for Oppi... Thursday night is going to be GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!


Meet Ferdinand

I received this wonder from the ever so talented Lolli Schultz.

She bought him for herself and then decided that she doesn't actually wear jewelry and that I would be the perfect home for him! (Lucky me :))

Thank you my lovely, I love him more than you'll ever know!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mama Bleubird giveaway

Hi guys,

So if you've been following for a while you'll remember the post A Bleubird gets engaged. I'm still obsessed! So today when I went on an saw giveaway I thought that I have to share!

So go on, have a look and click on the links to vote Bleubird as the best mamma blog around! Miss James deserves it! Plus, you could win some fab stuff, international shipping and everything.
Get a-clicking.

Love. XXX

A little lady for another very special lady.

So it seems it's the week of love for me.
I think it's very important to let people know in my life how much I appreciate them and am so thankful for everything they do. Another such lady is Cat Findlay. She has nurtured me over the past year and has been so fantastic. The first year of working is so tough, scary and all too daunting. So thank you to Cat for being so great, especially for keeping the jobs bags fairly distanced in the first few months :)

So Cat, for you... here's your little wonder. She looks a bit grumpy but I think she's rather cute? Take as long as you want...but, name her, write about her, love her!

Thank you Judy Judes for helping me with accessorizing this lovely lady, it was too much fun my stylish friend! I def think her shoe's look better dark blue :) x


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My mom

So that's my mom Pammy on the right, and she's lovely. I wonder what she did with those lovely bangles she's wearing? On the left is her friend Kim, both redheads and looking gorgeous. I love my moms outfit, the mixture of cream, white and a thin brown waist belt. If you look closely she has her signature red nail polish on...

My icon.

For someone special

Morning everyone!

I did a little illustration for a very special lady, Sebe my traffic superstar who looks after me so well at work. I know she loves collecting pretty things too, so this is her very own own pretty thing made just for her. It's her job now to name her, i'll let you know what she comes up with :)
Thanks for everything Sebs, you are fantastic, X!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Say's who are cool - says me.

Happy Monday everyone,

So this is something that is going to make my week fly by! I await in anticipation for Thursday evening for the 'Says Who' exhibition at Wolves.

More about the lovely's:
Says Who is a small illustration and design studio based in Jo’burg. Each member of the team is endowed with a unique style and approach to their work. This gives the collective the ability to provide its clients with a broad range of creative executions. In under a year Says Who has built a client list that includes the likes of Nike, Cadbury, and Look & Listen (to name a few).
The members, Lolli the Kraken, Nick Christowitz and Jarryd Kin.
Three highly talented illustrators and designers that I had the pleasure of going to college with.

Look how pretty they are!?!
& Look how pretty their flyer is that they did for the event...

I wouldn't miss it for the world... and nor should you.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pretty things for Tuesday

Some pretty things to feast your eye's on.
Applique leather wallet. So pretty!
• Amazing pair of vintage oxfords! They're a size 7.5! Damn!
Grow feet! Grow!
• Amazing purple stained leather belt! I want!
• Tall vintage brown boots!
• Vintage dusky blue suitcase has been spray painted with a southwestern pattern and two feathers on both sides. So unique and different. Maybe I should make my own?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gorgeous ring

As usual... I WANT I WANT!

"The dual old style ring with a Onyx cabochons is set in made of gold plated brass."

I found it on my Etsy travels. If it's still there next month maybe I shall splurge. Just a little.

Sweet Beastiary

How lovely are these brooches and finger puppets?
They border on slightly creepy and down right adorable.

I would be too scared to wear one for fear of breaking off an ear, shame!
I love these two, maybe an investment for the future?

To see more have a look at sweet bestiary.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FNB womans day ad

Well I think the true hero in this is cam my copywriter, she wrote such a beautiful script. We recorded the track with Rob Schroder, we wanted something that had a similar feeling and sound to an Edith Piaf track. It was quite an experience, Cam and I even had to give the recording booth a try. Not one of my finest moments... why is it I sound soooo much better in the shower. Hmmm? Needless to say, the voice-over artists in this track made it look way too easy, suppose that's why they make the big bucks :)

80s Purple Summer 2010 - shot by JUCO

Today is a day of sharing.
I love the grading on these shots, and the models are gorgeous.
Have a look at the rest on behance under JUCO.

How great are those shades? Kinda look like a pair I had that I lost. Would love to find similar ones, tortoise shell glasses rock.

The love that is Matthias Heiderich

So I came across Matthias Heiderich while on my daily behance search.
Not only am I dying to go to Berlin how amazing are these colours.
If I could see the world lilke this, I would be very happy indeed.
Thank you Matthias.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Sweetest Button Candy!

So it's Monday (once again), but not just any Monday. It's the Monday after the end of the world cup (sigh). Therefore I needed a bit of cheering up and I found this blog "Button Candy". Lovely! Even lovelier is that there is a button give-away, how fab! MONDAY GIVEAWAY. I needed to up my game, here's what I posted.

dear button candy,
your buttons are so dandy.
if you pick me,
i’ll jump with glee,
and receive your buttons gladly!
Love xxx

Hmmm, reckon I stand a chance?

Love Button Candy!

Love Bean,

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Fab giveaway, xxx

I'm so happy it's Friday!

So in honour of this lovely day I am giving away the below bangle from the 50's with pretty pretty gold leafing. There are only a handfull left and they really are my favourites. So there will be a tear of sadness as I give it away, and hopefully a tear of happiness on your part. So here's how you go about it, post a comment on what your idea of an amazing day is and the best response will get the prize. I'll be announcing the winner on Monday, your prize will be sent off to you and you should be in action on Tuesday. You snooze, you loose.

Love Bean,

Some pretty things for a pretty friday

So i know i haven't posted anything in a while, work has been hectic.
Here are a few pretty things I found, and as you can see I'm feeling rather french today.

French Macaroon soap
Love from Paris, Rustic Fleur-de-Lis Fine Silver Ring, Custom Size
Letterpress tandem bike card.
1970's brass copper round clock locket.
Abacus necklace ( I must have one!)
And last but not least, the fab bounjour necklace.


Friday, July 2, 2010

How awesome are french girls?

So I found this on my many travels, a denim dress!!!
Who would've thought! I stumbled across this awesome little blog Le Blog de Betty.
She's an awesome French girl who clearly lives a very lucky life (jealous jealous jealous!)

This sweet little dress comes from H&M's fashion against AIDS line.
*SIGH*, so i suppose that one is out of the question for me. (H&M!!! please come to South Africa!!)

Read her post about the dress, i'm guessing it's been translated directly from french.
It's quite sweet that some of it makes no sense. Awwwwwww.

Have an awesome weekend.