Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pretty anthropologie.

If I made lots of money and didn't have bills to pay, this is what I would buy.

Anthropologie LOVE!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Bioscope! EPIC!

Jessica Fletcher whaaaaaa?

Ok, so i don't mean to sound like an old lady, but truly awesome stuff in Johannesburg is hard to find. But I mean the real Gems. Yes there's the occasional awesome electro/design party or trip to JAG... but i mean REALLY awesome. The Bioscope in town is just that for me.


The Bioscope is an innovative independent cinema located in downtown Johannesburg, on the east side of the city. The doors to its permanent and exclusive space opened on the 8th June 2010. The aim of the cinema is to increase the diversity of content on South African movie screens. In bringing new films to new audiences, The Bioscope is striving to grow new markets for new films, and are proud to be involved in developing local audiences for locally & internationally produced cinema. As well as play our part in developing Johannesburg’s quickly regenerating inner city.

The Bioscope found its first home in Arts on Main. Arts on Main is an artist’s residency/ oasis of everything arts related, with shops, restaurants, and galleries, all located within the Maboneng Precinct. From the the beginning, its developer Jonathan Liebmann envisioned a cinema in Arts on Main. Collaboration agency Red Team Go developed The Bioscope as a way to make use of this amazing opportunity. Darryl Els and Russell Grant collaborated based on Els’s academic work in the field of independent cinema exhibition, and thus The Bioscope was formed.

WHEW! I know that was alot but they put it better than I ever would have.

I dunno about you, but i am SO super excited...especially when I just read their plans moving on this year:

The next exciting chapter is upon us. The Bioscope has now found its home in Maboneng’s latest development Main Street Life, a transformed 1970s industrial building thats set to become a mixed use complex offering residential studios, retail shops, a rooftop events venue and a boutique hotel. All located just down the road from Arts on Main, and set to be completed by July this year.

NICE. Maybe that's where the perfect shop would be? Thoughts anyone?


P.s Apparently Zeitgeist 3 is on on Thursday night this week according to Dave (that asshole your mother told you about), but I cannot confirm. I damn hope so.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The wonders of printing. I loved this! So interesting!

Wings: Making the Field Notes 2010 Fall Edition from Coudal Partners on Vimeo.

Oh gosh i love food photography!

So i love food. I love photography. And I am obsessed with with food photography...taken from the top!

My favourite is Marina Aurora, I found these photo's age's ago but just haven't had the time to share!

I love the textures and the compositions, they are so interesting! It makes me see things a different way, don't you think?

Not only do they make me hungry they make me want to cook and take photo's, it would be a day well spent I think! Maybe i'll try do some of my own this week? X

Z to the bra!

Holidays are fun, especially when you get to go on a game drive and see awesome stuff!

I took this photo on my hipstamtic (gosh, i think its the only reason for having an iphone!)

What a beauty!

While away.

SO i'm finally on holiday! It's a miserable day and I'm in the beautiful Pilansberg getting some much needed R&R.

I thought I would post this quick while getting some weekend work done, I'm sorry i've neglected the blog, wow 2011 has been so hectic, and it's only the beginning!

I just couldn't help myself and just bought the 'Signora Bertolotti Fabric Doll' off Etsy! Here's her story, according to Etsy seller Poala ...
'Ms. Bertolotti is a really sweet small woman of another era. She loves cats, theater, opera and old movies and she is always very elegant. If you meet her early in the morning she certainly wears one of her elegant scarves and one of his favorite necklaces ... often goes to buy flowers and makes good neighborly gifts every Christmas and Easter to each of the flat owner in building where she lives ..She likes to stay sitted on your favourite shelf...'

I think we are going to be very good friends!

Go visit her shop ATELIER POMPADOUR, very nice.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Look at em boots!

GOSH i've been terrible with blogging! There goes my new years resolution! DAMN!

I just love this look that Bonnie from Flashes of Style is wearing, her boots are my FAVOURITE! I want a pair just like them!

Taking a week off next week so hopefully when i return I shall be refreshed and truly ready to knock this year in the teeth!