Friday, February 25, 2011

Vintage bracelet giveaway. ooh yeah.

FROM THE 70's.

A NiceFind is...


So beautiful.

If i had the extra cash to spare, this is what i would buy.
It's so simple and elegant.  I found it on Etsy and have it on my wish list <3

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A taste of things to come.

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Say hello to NiceFind.

NiceFind is exactly that, a nice find! I am such a hoarder. I love old things, i love things that have a history, a story.

I have a treasure trove of jewelery from the 70's upwards. A small room full!

I have also taken to collecting awesome finds from vintage shops over the last few months, so i can share with like minded people!

I'm trying to set up an Etsy store at the moment have already done my photoshoot for my first batch to be put on sale. I'm just struggling with linking my FNB to my Paypal account, but it should be sorted out soon, I just haven't had time to call them!

I know i've been really bad with blogging lately but i've fixed my 3g card so I hereby solemnly swear to post at least 3 times a week. No excuse now! right?

I would love advice from any other bloggers out there. How do you handle your posts? How do you get more followers? How do you keep them?

I love my blog because it's me. It's how i express myself, its how i show other people cool things. Don't you remember the days when you found something cool, took a picture and the only time you shared really was by word of mouth or on the off chance you were carrying your photo album around. Now i have a blog.

I love my little soap box. Even though sometimes i feel like no ones listening.


Our bioscope date!

Driving into town, and so begins the journey.

Driving on Nelson Mandela bridge, so pretty.

Hotel next to the Bioscope.

My love <3

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

once again rob ryan love!

Wow i love this guy!

I ordered a book (SIGNED....eeeeek) off his shop on Etsy a while ago and still waiting :(
But i'm fully aware that it's because of the damn postal service in south africa! It makes me so so sad! I hope its not lost! I did email Rob Ryan and his awesome wife responded that it had arrived in South Africa, so hold thumbs all, next Wednesday is post day.

But here's his yearly valentines day cut out...
It's so beautiful...

However i dont think i'll be owning this beauty, my wallet seems to be really struggling this year! I suppose its part of growing up but it seems like every month i have more and more to pay for! And it's all gross stuff like car services and dental appointments!

ANYWAY! No more moaning.