Tuesday, June 14, 2011

To be a bird.

Hi everyone, I'm so sorry i've been so quiet but i've been a very busy lady.
I have also been coming up with something new for my blog. Sadly it may mean the end of Quirk, but it will mean the beginning of NiceFind. It's the same thing, just different name, more posts, new pretty design and just a little bit more structured.

However, for now, I had to share this with you all! Since i was a little girl weaver birds and their nests always fascinated me. Growing up in South Africa they are quite common and I feel like now i am older i took them for granted. When I found DEDON collections, creators of the NestRest, I thought FINALLY! I get to see how the birds live!


{Ahhh to be a bird}

My future bird house. An actual bird house.