Friday, July 22, 2011

Present Project 2, why thank you Lucky Pony!

So today is the day that I sent off my prezzie for my new found friend thanks to Angie at Lucky Pony!
I won't reveal the surprise just yet incase my friend see's :) But expect a full post on that one coming soon! Here's a bit about my friend, I hope she likes what i've chosen for her! Her name is Bongi and i've included her first message to me, she's so lovely!

Hello Indi, this mail has brought me such joy. I've been sitting at my desk breathing through my mouth the whole day because i've got the flu for the 3rd time this winter so I really needed to hear some good/exciting news.  Thanks for telling me about your blog, i'm sure it'll help a lot with pressie ideas... Sadly I suffer from an illness called procrastination so grand plans for a blog have never been realised but looking at your blog i'm sure i'll love whatever you come up with.

Bongi hails from Jo'burg but lives in Durban! She shops second hand and reckons she has a horrible afro that refuses to be obedient! She loves both bright and pastel colours, despite the fact that she works at Saltwater Girl she's not a water baby - at all! Her idea of hanging at the beach is having drinks in a cute floral romper! She loves second hand stuff and dreams of launching her own clothing label.

I like her! I think i'll keep her, thanks Angie!

More to come!

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  1. haha pleasure, glad you've made new friend x


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