Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hayley gets some Nicefinds for under R300 bucks!

So my dear dear friend Hayley will be moving out soon folks, yup... she's leaving the nest for a little apartment of her own! She needs to buy a bed and fridge, pretty much the whole bang shoot so doesn't have too much budget for much else! She generally likes shiny new things purely because she says she gets overwhelmed in crammed charity shops with 'old stuff' with 'smelly cats', however, she does have a keen eye for awesome design but sometimes needs a bit of a push. 

So like a good friend should I told her to bring R300 and we would hit the Second hand stores and charity shops together! I seem to have an eye for potential and totally believe in buying second hand! I really do try not to buy new things that I KNOW i'll find second hand! Second hand for me is purchasing an object with a history.... a story. It also allows you to re-create something, an old lamp with new fabric can be more lovely than you imagine! Upcycle! DIY! It's so much more gratifying!

I can't believe all the amazing finds she managed to nab! She actually ended up finding the majority of the items, and all I had to do was give her the nod of approval! I am GREEN with envy and wish everything was mine! She got all of the below and I think the total came up to about R240 so she even had some cash to spare! It shows you that you don't need truck loads of money to buy incredible things, one persons junk is another persons treasure!

My favourite item which Hayley discovered (you cow!) is the Potato Chips bowl! On closer inspection we opened it up and discovered smaller bowls with quirky wonky typography, sweets, snacks and nuts! Darn! Fastest find wins! Hayley 1 indi 0! My second favourite is the retro Fondue set with mismatched forks! I found it at the door and shoved it into Hayley semi loving arms, YOU HAVE TH BUY THIS is what I think I said? R85 later it was hers and she has promised me that when she wants a shiny new version, this baby is mine! Hayley 1 Indi 1 = win win!

We also planted some Rock Roses into her gorgeous green vessel (much like the colour of my envy)! I'll be planting and giving some of these away at Capitec Swapping Mall this weekend! You want? Then come along!

Bet you're wondering if bought any thing? I just couldn't help myself! Check this beauty out! My little collection is growing! I love this design and find little cups of all sizes with the beautiful sandblasted grape pattern! L<3ve!

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